Return to these towns of yours!

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“I can hear Ephraim lamenting: You have chastised me, and I am chastised Like a calf that has not been broken. Receive me back, let me return, For You, O LORD, are my God. Now that I have turned back, I am filled with remorse; Now that I am made aware, I strike my thigh. I am ashamed and humiliated, For I bear the disgrace of my youth. Truly, Ephraim is a dear son to Me, A child that is dandled! Whenever I have turned against him, My thoughts would dwell on him still. That is why My heart yearns for him; I will receive him back in love — declares the LORD. Erect markers, Set up signposts; Keep in mind the highway,

The road that you traveled. Return, Maiden Israel! Return to these (towns) of yours!” Jeremiah 31:18-21

Cities, Towns – (a place of waking, guarded).

Deuteronomy 19:5-9 “For instance, a man goes with his neighbor into a grove to cut wood; as his hand swings the ax to cut down a tree, the ax-head flies off the handle and strikes the other so that he dies. That man shall flee to one of these cities and live. —

6 Otherwise, when the distance is great, the blood-avenger, pursuing the manslayer in hot anger, may overtake him and kill him; yet he did not incur the death penalty, since he had never been the other’s enemy.

7 That is why I command you: ((set aside three cities.))

8 And when the LORD your God enlarges your territory, as He swore to your fathers, and gives you all the land that He promised to give your fathers —

9((if you faithfully observe all this Instruction)) that I enjoin upon you this day, to ((love the LORD your God *and* to walk in His ways at all times)) — then you shall add three more towns to those three.

Cities, Towns – (a place of waking, guarded).”

You have set aside Three Days to……
Love the LORD your God *and* to walk in His ways at all times.
Then you shall add three Nights……

The Work of The Messiah’s Death is not complete without His Resurrection.
And so we are not complete by just saying we Love the Lord our God and not Walk in His Ways at all times.

Faith without works is dead…..

To give Faith Life we must observe ALL His Instructions…..

The blood-avenger is pursuing in hot anger!
Return to these (towns) of yours!

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