My prayers today go out…

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My prayers today go out
For those who have been cast into the burning fiery furnace of the hearts of their families as they have chosen not to bow down to the traditions of men.
For those who have been cast into the dens they once called a family den but now are surrounded by the leering looks from the lions of spiritual pride.
For those who are facing the giants behind the pulpits that teach lies and traditions of the people that are not from God.

Fear Not my Brothers and Sisters!
For who are these uncircumcised Immigrants, that they should defy the armies of the living God?
Stand with Yeshua and endure the Flames for it is devouring the stubble and consuming the chaff, leaving the pure things of YHVH!
Remain standing in Faith among the Lions for their mouths will be shut and no words will be uttered against you in the Name of The Most High!

Continue to cast the stone of TRUTH for it shall always strike the frontlets between their eyes!

Shalom be with you on your journey and the Light guide your path.

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